Get out!

Smoky Mtns

Happy New Year!  Do something adventurous this year.


Great Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are one of my favorite places in the world!  Here’s a view from a hike I went on this summer.  An incredible time on a peak right up there with the clouds. Amazing!  The Smoky Mtns are special to me for all the great memories. Trips, Rock Hopping, Hikes, and my all time favorite–I proposed to my bride, she said yes, and my life was forever changed!  That was a good day.

Here’s some pics of our hike from this summer:

iPod Pics 054iPod Pics 068

The Big Nasty

Big Nasty

When I am in Tennessee, my friend and I go see our friend Adam Tyler.  I’ve known Adam since he was in high school.  Then he went to culinary school because he loves food. After a few years of doing this and doing that, meeting this famous person and cooking for that famous person, today he is the Chef at Gourmet’s Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It wasn’t enough that he already had amazing breakfasts like the Toad in a Hole, the Frog in a Ditch, and the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast but then he went and created The Big Nasty.  I love this dish so much, I bought the T-shirt!   So, add The Big Nasty to your bucket list and take a road trip to Knoxville.  You can thank me later, but also, be sure to get Adam’s grits. These aren’t your Mama’s or Gammy’s grits!!  You’re welcome.

Blondes and Tennessee


A few years ago, one of my best friends in Tennessee introduced me to Blonde Oreos and I have loved them ever since.  Many years ago, my basketball coach  in Tennessee introduced me to another blonde and I have loved her ever since. I married her 31 years ago this last week!   If you go by the pictures, we were 13 years old when we married…I am a man of many cookies, but only one wife.  How blessed am I?

The French Market, Y’all.

The French Market

I live in the Northwest where coffee is a big part of our culture and I like that.  On our annual visit to East Tennessee, I broke down and found myself settling even for Starbucks…In a land of all-you-can-eat pancake buffets, and deep fried everything I found a very nice place in downtown Knoxville called The French Market Creperie. The crepes were amazing and the coffee was great!



I’m always amazed by nature and the glory it gives to our Creator.  And I doubt we will ever come to the end of all there is to see. What I do see, is the imagination and creativity at a whole new level.  I found this on my recent trip to Tennessee, waaay back in the mountains. I literally reached down to pick up what looked like an amazing tiny carving of a  wooden shield with a cross on it. (In Tennessee, they’d call it, “whittling” or as they would say, “we-ut-lin” ) Just as I’m thinking somebody has lost an unbelievable piece of work, all of a sudden, it flies away. After some research, I found out it’s called a Clymene Haploa Moth. Clymene Moth