Hwy 55


On a recent day trip to McCall, while driving, the river right there a few yards from the highway, I took a mental snapshot and drew this from that picture in my head.  Yes, I imagine in cartoony-sketches, which is fun.

Great Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are one of my favorite places in the world!  Here’s a view from a hike I went on this summer.  An incredible time on a peak right up there with the clouds. Amazing!  The Smoky Mtns are special to me for all the great memories. Trips, Rock Hopping, Hikes, and my all time favorite–I proposed to my bride, she said yes, and my life was forever changed!  That was a good day.

Here’s some pics of our hike from this summer:

iPod Pics 054iPod Pics 068

Castle Doors

Castle Door

I thought this door was really interesting and I guess there are cool doors on castles all over Europe. I drew this from my friend’s iPad who are world travelers. This door is actually to a chapel that is on the grounds of the Queen’s vacation castle in Scotland. I’d like to do more of these on site, especially in Europe…I really believe it would make me a better sketcher.