55 North


Highway 55 North from Boise to McCall.  Probably my all-time favorite drives and I’ve driven this a few hundred times over the years and it never gets old.  Winding along the Payette River thru the mountains, raging whitewater next to the highway, snow capped mountains, wildlife, ascending to over 5,280 feet by the time you get to McCall, complete with crisp, cool clean air and the overwhelming scent of pine trees.

8 thoughts on “55 North

  1. The detail in this illustration, so cool. I have great memories of my spouse and I travelling the Oregon Coast and through Washington State. I’ll never forget, we were heading home to Canada, and we didn’t have any radio reception because our radio was tuned to a Canadian station. It was around 2:00 am, dark, and my spouse and I were cruising towards the Canadian/US border, no one around. I remember turning on the radio and CCR’s Born on the Bayou was playing as we pulled up to the Peace Arch. Great memory.

  2. Early in May of 2012 my brother and I rode that stretch on our motorcycles: It was late afternoon and snowing lightly when we pulled into McCall… It was awesome.

  3. That part of Idaho is beautiful. This summer we drove from Boise to Stanley on route 21! Spectacular route over two passes with elevations of 6200 and one 7100 feet. We ended up at Challis Hot Springs, our favorite hot springs soaking pool

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