Fall Chili


Some foods seem to taste so much better in the right season.  Clam chowder on a cold, dark rainy day on the pier in Seattle, the smell of Burgers on the grill in the summer, but Skyline Chili is great anytime but especially in the fall!  This is called comfort food for a reason.

The Big Nasty

Big Nasty

When I am in Tennessee, my friend and I go see our friend Adam Tyler.  I’ve known Adam since he was in high school.  Then he went to culinary school because he loves food. After a few years of doing this and doing that, meeting this famous person and cooking for that famous person, today he is the Chef at Gourmet’s Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It wasn’t enough that he already had amazing breakfasts like the Toad in a Hole, the Frog in a Ditch, and the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast but then he went and created The Big Nasty.  I love this dish so much, I bought the T-shirt!   So, add The Big Nasty to your bucket list and take a road trip to Knoxville.  You can thank me later, but also, be sure to get Adam’s grits. These aren’t your Mama’s or Gammy’s grits!!  You’re welcome.

Pie Hole

Pie Hole    Got the summer time blues?  Just got dumped?  Somebody less qualified yet at the same time highly arrogant just got promoted over you?  Embarrassing speeches by the leader of your nation got you down? Let me introduce you to Pie Hole.  Yes, it’s a dump of a place and the crust is paper thin and the grease runs down your arm but this pizza is comfort food that’ll cure whatever hurts! You KNOW these places have the best food!  Just leave that little Weight Watcher’s scale–thingy at home, throw out your calorie counters and enjoy.  May I recommend a trip to their bathroom for a creepy experience?

They have 2 locations in Boise, downtown and over by the stadium at BSU. This is their pizza cart that you can find in downtown Boise at just about any event, all hours of the day and late night–early morning to satisfy that crave.

Skyline Chili


It’s 13° (-10°C), and some Skyline Chili would be worthy of a road trip about now. We had the famous chili from Cincinnati when we visited there this summer. If you’ve never had it, it’s a sweet & spicy chili “sauce” over spaghetti noodles, topped with onions and lots and lots of cheese. I believe some foods taste better when eaten in their seasons but this chili was amazing even at the end of July!  (and no, not even close to finishing this off…)

Comfort Food

Tom & Chee's

Tonight it is cold, windy and raining. This is comfort food weather. My wife made amazing spicy grilled cheese sandwiches, along with chips and a coke. Reminds me of a place in Cincinnati we went to this summer called Tom & Chee’s. It’s down at Newport on the Levee, across from the Aquarium. They specialize in gourmet soups and grilled cheese sandwiches. I had the Roast Beef, Hot Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese, Cheddar on a grilled sourdough. Followed with a Strawberry Lemonade Grilled Cheese Donut. (Fresh Strawberrys and Lemon Mascarpone, Mozzarella Cheese in between a grilled-glazed donut) Incredible!!