The Big Nasty

Big Nasty

When I am in Tennessee, my friend and I go see our friend Adam Tyler.  I’ve known Adam since he was in high school.  Then he went to culinary school because he loves food. After a few years of doing this and doing that, meeting this famous person and cooking for that famous person, today he is the Chef at Gourmet’s Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It wasn’t enough that he already had amazing breakfasts like the Toad in a Hole, the Frog in a Ditch, and the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast but then he went and created The Big Nasty.  I love this dish so much, I bought the T-shirt!   So, add The Big Nasty to your bucket list and take a road trip to Knoxville.  You can thank me later, but also, be sure to get Adam’s grits. These aren’t your Mama’s or Gammy’s grits!!  You’re welcome.


19 thoughts on “The Big Nasty

  1. The Big Nasty | thatsourlifestyle

  2. That’s quite the meal. The spouse and I have the 3 – napkin rule. If it takes 3 napkins to wipe your fingers it’s good. This looks like a 3-napkin meal. Great illustration Brad. 😊

  3. I’ve been to TN but have not yet been to Knoxville. You’ve just given me another reason to go there. It sounds delicious. I love your drawing of the food – it makes my tastebuds tingle.

  4. what an awesome painting! I hope you share it with The Big Nasty! They should use it to advertise. My hubby would go crazy over this – and he loves grits too! We’ll have to keep it on our bucket list for if we ever get to Knoxville! Pretty easy to remember this one! 🙂

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