Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

If you’ve ever had poison ivy, you have a story.  I’ve heard many and none of them are pleasant.  Some people can wallow in it, or as we say in our family, “waller” in it and have no reaction at all from the plant to those who will only have to look at this sketch and will get a rash…my apologies.  If you aren’t sure where you fit on the scale, I’ve given a detailed illustration of what to look for if you are the outdoors type and enjoy a walk in the forest or woods.  Simply find the plant, stop, drop and roll in it to see what your immunity levels are.  Hey, I’m here to help.

LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge 2

This is the second sketch I’ve done of LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Someone saw the other one I’d done on google and contacted me and said this is where they were engaged and asked if I would do another one with their engagement date on it.  It’s always a privilege to be a small part of the special occasions in people’s lives. This is one of the reasons I enjoy drawing.


Hang Your Hammock!


Just another sketch of hammocks that gathered in the mountains of Tennessee.  It’s amazing how much these have grown in popularity. Someone brought their rain fly to use as shade…turns out it was used as a rain fly most of the week to keep us dry.  These hammocks are so much fun. If you go to their website, they have a picture gallery of all the different places people have hung their hammocks. It’s pretty cool.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters


Eagle’s Nest Outfitters is a very cool company that makes and sells hammocks out of Asheville, North Carolina. A few years ago, someone brought an ENO hammock to camp. Everyone wanted to lay in it. The next year, 2 more showed up. This year, there was a village of hammocks! Here are just a few hanging around–and that is exactly what they’re for: hanging out, and having conversations (That’s when people are around other people and you talk about stuff and share life and laugh. It’s what people did before texting)

Check out their website at: eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com and get a hammock–you won’t regret!

The Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

I recently had the opportunity to speak to some great high school students about their relationship with Jesus in Tennessee. This chair has been there for as long as I can remember. I believe that if all the world’s leaders got together on a camp out and sat in these lounge chairs, all the world’s problems could be easily fixed.