A Walk in the Woods


A couple of friends of mine went on a hike along the Appalachian Trail, took a pic. of their packs at Max Patch, NC.  They hiked from there 22 miles and 2 days later, to Hot Springs, NC. Then requested a sketch of their pic.  While I get a lot of pleasure in sketching, I find it nearly embarrassing to try to capture the beauty of nature. Who can do that??


13 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. That really is a beautiful place. Such a true/great comment about feeling embarrassed trying to capture the beauty of nature. I love beautiful photos of nature (like the one your friends took), but feel like to actually get it, you have to be there yourself. Nothing else really gets it through you the same way, as great as art about it might be. It does make you want to go out to be there, though!

  2. I had to make my brain stop a second and hold your observation; it IS embarrassing, even pretending to compete with nature. I get it. It’s half of art, but … All that said, I’ve been away a bit on projects and it’s just fun to come back to this.

  3. Great sketch Brad. The different shades of green, the perspective. Those backpacks are awesome. You’ve definitely captured their hike.

  4. The best way to capture the beauty of nature is to be out there, place the images and emotions in your memory and store them there for ever more 🙂 Great sketch, I’m looking to purchase a hiking pack shortly, for a long trek – the detail (manufacturers’ names) in your sketch will be a good starting point for my research!

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