Image: My Ship Has Come In

Cargo Ship


23 thoughts on “Image: My Ship Has Come In

  1. My Ship Has Come In | artwithsuzanne

  2. Hey Brad, I really love this idea. I’m tempted to print it and white out the containers and give to my son to fill in with his dreams for 2014. Might even do it myself. I love to draw with pastels but haven’t done much over the last couple of years. Hoping that by following you I might get inspired to add the occasional drawing to my posts. Cheers.

    • That would be great, Anything that helps him and you and we look forward to seeing some drawings from you! Blessings!

  3. I love the little pirates being irate but ineffective against your lovely life. Hope and pray that those pirates are kept at bay for you over the coming year. B

  4. Going out on a limb here…would you trade out the Costco spot for Trader Joes when it opens? It’s coming soon and seems like it would fit with what I have gleaned about you. Love the way you have represented your life here!

    • Good one! Love Trader Joe’s! I think it’s in a container on the other side, you just can’t see it…ha! Thanks!

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