Fall Garden

Fall Garden

It’s November and our fall garden box is full and lush!  I really enjoy dinking in and around our garden boxes especially this time of year when the air is so crisp and cool and you can see your breath in the morning. (…because it’s chilly, not from the salsa last night…)  Here’s what’s going on in our boxes…

Broccoli Royale


Broccoli! HUA! …Whaat is it good for?!  Absolutely noth…WAIT!  What am I, 12?  Yes, I can eat broccoli when smothered in a spicy cheese sauce all day and broccoli is good for us, it gives us so many vitamins that fights off bad stuff in our bodies from all the other junk in our processed foods.  Two things I like about Broccoli: 1.) It’s Italian. 2.) Albert R. Broccoli, is credited with bringing Ian Fleming’s James Bond to film. To him, I am grateful as I am a big James Bond fan.  Eat more broccoli. You can plant it now, as a cool weather fall crop!

Goosefoot Family


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Moms love family photos so here is the Goosefoot Family with Spinach, Beets and Swiss Chard.  Make Mama happy today and eat your veggies.



I love it when the wise and educated will inform us that eating fresh veggies will reduce the risk of cancer…duh!!  That’s because everything else we eat that is filled with chemicals and man-made synthetics increases the risk of cancer!  (Especially in the U.S.)  We finally have some carrots coming up and we got these fun, colorful ones.  Can’t wait to harvest them.  Cool weather root vegetables are packed with the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies are needing and craving after a long winter without them.  Just in case you were wondering.

The Garden

Veggie Garden


The garden is in, here is everything in my main garden area.  Of course, this is what I’m imagining the veggies to actually look like someday…  Some are experimental as we’re always trying new techniques, new varieties and many annual favorites.  The only thing missing is some Spanish garlic I planted after the pic.  Always organic, always heirloom.  There is something about being in the garden especially in the morning.  It’s a very happy place.