The most precious gift we have, is time.  Value it, cherish it, with family and friends.  Make it a priority to take time to enjoy it.  No talk about work, turn the TV off, put the cell phone away, far away and have real face to face talk and make someone feel blessed and happy.  Enjoy!!

Mele Kalikimaka

Bubble Lights

Bubble lights are my favorite Christmas lights.  I remember when I was little we had some of these and then you never saw them until a few years ago when they kind of made a come back as “cool”.  When my mom was alive, she was the kind of person that thought it was her responsibility to make Christmas happen, and I don’t mean just in our house, but world-wide! She shopped all year around for big gifts, small gifts, stocking stuffers, candy, and if you mentioned anything that you liked, no matter what time of year it was, you’d be sure to receive a package in the mail with that item(s) at Christmas, so I had to be careful of what I said.  I made the mistake one time of just casually mentioning that I liked Almond m&m’s…Wow! I didn’t know they came in that size…   One year, I slipped and mentioned that I saw some bubble lights like we had when I was little and wanted to get some but before I knew it, a box came with about 7 boxes of bubble lights in it!  We still have those lights and they are very special to us especially since they are full of memories. You find yourself getting lost in thoughts of people, family, Christmas past,  just gazing at them. I love the part of life how something can take you to a memory of childhood or some good moment.  We sincerely hope for new, great memories to be yours this week!