The most precious gift we have, is time.  Value it, cherish it, with family and friends.  Make it a priority to take time to enjoy it.  No talk about work, turn the TV off, put the cell phone away, far away and have real face to face talk and make someone feel blessed and happy.  Enjoy!!




L’shannah Tovah!
And to all of you, I hope this year is filled with joy and blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and so much of it is about tradition. There are few things in all of life better than being with family and/or friends, or someone special and sharing a meal. That’s why I’m posting my traditional turkey sketch. Enjoy and enjoy your family and friends this season of thanksgiving. We really do have so much to be thankful for. Being thankful can totally change your outlook on life and its circumstances. Blessings!

Christmas Cards

Christmas Card 2-page-0

I really like making cards and postcards for people and this year, this is my theme  for Christmas that I went with, “God With Us”.  All the cards are slightly different but with the same theme.  Then on the inside we’ll write something personal to the folks we love.