My Dentist


Last week I spent 2 1/2 hours in the dentist’s chair.  What I learned was shocking.  There’s the mother Grizzly Bear, the Great White Shark, and Katy, my dental hygenist.  All three are vicious and blood thirsty.  One of these I have to face again in 6 months…I’m weighing my chances with the bear.

Moxie Mirror


This is a cool, big old looking mirror at a Moxie Java coffee shop.  I really liked the old mirror against the brick wall and the reflection in it of the front door.  This was a “quick sketch” just to keep in practice working at a quick pace.

A Walk in the Woods


A couple of friends of mine went on a hike along the Appalachian Trail, took a pic. of their packs at Max Patch, NC.  They hiked from there 22 miles and 2 days later, to Hot Springs, NC. Then requested a sketch of their pic.  While I get a lot of pleasure in sketching, I find it nearly embarrassing to try to capture the beauty of nature. Who can do that??


I Thirst

Thirst2    I started a new journal and this happens to be from my personal, private “collection” that I rarely share.  (As if I’m like a fine wine maker who has his own private reserve)… but I have shared a few pics from my private journals that I thought you’d enjoy or get a chuckle from in the past.  As some of you know, my relationship with Jesus Christ is the single most important thing to me and I am not ashamed of Him.  I’m not interested in religions and denominations. I answer the call to His invitation to “come unto Me”.   I want the reputation, “Brad, a man whose heart is after God’s heart.”  I ache and hunger and thirst after this man.  His name is Jesus who was innocent who became guilty so the guilty, (you and I) could become innocent, for the purpose of relationship with Him.  Yes, I am thankful for salvation but I want more. I long for the deep things of God.  I want to see His desires fulfilled that He has for me.  I thoroughly enjoy walking with a God who sees the value in the life of a whore, hugs the smelly and the stinky, loves me enough to confront me of my own sin and wrong attitudes.  He blesses those who hate and curse Him, tells you how to catch the biggest catch of fish you ever saw then asks you to walk away from it,…and doesn’t care if He’s politically correct or not. But probably the biggest question is why He wants to spend time with me? I’m really not that interesting.  All I know is, when we’re together (all day) I feel His pleasure. And because I value this relationship, I want to invest in it, not see what I can get away with. Heaven isn’t my goal. He is the prize.  Much like my marriage to my wife!  Those are valuable relationships worth fighting for.  I believe He’s coming back for a bride, not a girlfriend  who wants benefits without comittment…

But this blog is about sketching and doodling life.  I’m using a Stillman & Birn Beta Sketchbook, 14×21.6 cm, first time, for those who will ask, and yes, I really like this journal!   I sketched this fountain machine at a Jack in the Box while eating a spicy chicken sandwich…haha!