Broccoli Royale


Broccoli! HUA! …Whaat is it good for?!  Absolutely noth…WAIT!  What am I, 12?  Yes, I can eat broccoli when smothered in a spicy cheese sauce all day and broccoli is good for us, it gives us so many vitamins that fights off bad stuff in our bodies from all the other junk in our processed foods.  Two things I like about Broccoli: 1.) It’s Italian. 2.) Albert R. Broccoli, is credited with bringing Ian Fleming’s James Bond to film. To him, I am grateful as I am a big James Bond fan.  Eat more broccoli. You can plant it now, as a cool weather fall crop!

Do you Vespa?

Vespa 2

I know I do.  It happens every time on my imaginary trips I take with my wife,  when suddenly a Vespa appears like this one and we ride off together to some quaint village restaurant for the most amazing homemade Italian food and wine we’ve ever had.  Try it sometime. It’s good to Vespa once in awhile.



One of the blessings in Meridian, Idaho is Gino’s Italian Ristorante. Few things are as good as getting out of the car and smelling the garlic already filling the neighborhood! Year after year it is voted as the best local Italian Restaurant. There is so much going on here from the purple tablecloths inside to the fresh Basil growing out on the patio and the dipping oils will have power over you. Gino moved here from Naples, Italy with recipe’s from his Grandmother’s restaurant that opened in 1906 and is still open to this day in Naples. That’s where the family learned to cook and they do it well! Gino’s is a great place– better to have reservations than take a chance, and most likely Gino will come out from the kitchen and visit your table at some point to make sure everything is good.