Rembrandt’s Coffee House

RembrandtsI drew this for my wife for her birthday last year. Many good times spent here with each other and great friends!

But one of the reasons I like to support Rembrandt’s is because of their strong stand against human trafficking.  Globally there is a human injustice that you won’t hear a lot about, and that is the injustice against women who are abducted or forced into the sex slave trade or “human trafficking”.  Currently, there are approx. 4.5 million individuals who are enslaved in sexual exploitation and 98% are women. (the other being children) Like most things grossly evil, these things hide in the dark, not wanting to be exposed and remain hidden.  Rembrandt’s Coffee House is doing what it can to bring awareness and partners with Nomi Network, a nonprofit organization that aims to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking thru their proceeds.  When you walk into Rembrandt’s the first thing you will see are handbags, jewelry and other unique items made by women who have survived human trafficking. (Nomi Network manufactures their signature Buy Her Bag Not Her Body handbags.)

Having made my point, Rembrandt’s Coffee House also produces very good coffee, they roast their own beans, and make strangely HUGE cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, breakfast and lunch items that are a-maz-ing! The atmosphere inside is very cool, eclectic with paintings covering the walls and many items for sale to help support survivors of human trafficking. I’m happy they are in my community.

For more information on this issue, I would recommend the film, Nefarious, the documentary.