Feast Week

Chuck Taylors

As we were out doing some shopping, I came across a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.  I own two pair.  But then I realized as a huge college basketball fan, I really didn’t know who Chuck Taylor was!  I’ve owned a pair pretty much all my life, but I remember my first pair back in Jr. High, because my Mom shouted, “I am NOT paying $20 for a pair of basketball shoes!!!”  The ones I saw the other day were $55…


Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

I have a confession.  I’ve been in denial for some time now, but it’s time to come clean.  I’m in stage 2 denial.  Stage 1: was when I told myself for a year that I did NOT need help reading, which is something I love to do.  Finally, I gave in. With reading glasses, a whole new world opened up again!   I could read without squinting profusely at the small print, causing the muscles in my forehead to hurt.  But never would I leave the house with the reading glasses.  Stage 2: Not going public.  Until now.  It’s far better to read the menu than guess what you’re ordering or just order something familiar, faking people out. Yes, I have reading glasses and I need them everywhere. They’re a part of me. They’re even a part of my sketchbook “gear”…

Now imagine me on an infomercial talking to you on your TV:

“9 out of 10 people know someone who has gotten older.  So if you, or someone you know is in denial to this widespread epidemic called “age”, there’s help. You’re not alone. Age touches almost every person.  The first step to this cure is admitting you can’t read  normal size print anymore.   I did it.  And so can you.”          back to the blog:

I remember talking to one of my friends who was older than I when he started using reading glasses and he said it would happen to me someday, overnight. Guess what?  Just like that, a few years later, literally overnight, the next day everything changed and the print got fuzzy and I was suddenly faced with the fact I’m getting older.  This caused major conflict because my mind had been telling me I was 30 for years. He lied.  What ain’t no lie, is my wife looks really hot in her reading glasses!