The Big Nasty

Big Nasty

When I am in Tennessee, my friend and I go see our friend Adam Tyler.  I’ve known Adam since he was in high school.  Then he went to culinary school because he loves food. After a few years of doing this and doing that, meeting this famous person and cooking for that famous person, today he is the Chef at Gourmet’s Market in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It wasn’t enough that he already had amazing breakfasts like the Toad in a Hole, the Frog in a Ditch, and the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast but then he went and created The Big Nasty.  I love this dish so much, I bought the T-shirt!   So, add The Big Nasty to your bucket list and take a road trip to Knoxville.  You can thank me later, but also, be sure to get Adam’s grits. These aren’t your Mama’s or Gammy’s grits!!  You’re welcome.


Coffee Couple


Chag Sameach!

This is a drawing I did for a couple who enjoys their coffee and have a moment or two with one another. I even misspelled their names just like a real Barista!



This is a picture I’ve already posted, but with summer kicking off this weekend, it’s time to shift to drinks to cool you down. Try your favorite drink iced!  Enjoy!

Reticuloendotheliel vs. Doodling

Watt's Automotive

My wife took a microbiology class because she’s into that stuff. She did a lot of studying, so we spent a lot of time at the coffee shop. Across the street was this automotive repair place that I thought looked like a challenge and had some character so I started drawing it. She studied Streptococcus Pyrogenes and Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils and I doodled. (spoiler alert: I copied these big words from her index cards…)

Rembrandt’s Coffee House

Rembrandts Coffee

Located in Eagle, Idaho is Rembrandt’s Coffee House. One of my favorite places to go to. Good coffee, food, and atmosphere. I also appreciate the fact that Rembrandt’s supports and openly endorses putting an end to human trafficking and the sex slave industry in the U.S. and around the globe.