Just down from the Capitol building in Boise is this unique corner on Capitol & Idaho.  This corner used to be a Starbucks, then became a Tully’s Coffee, then became Caffe’ Capri Coffee and now is a Sushi joint.  I have a history of drawing cool local sites, only to see them go out of business or become something else more “hip”.  This is one of those.


Coffee Jacket-Cup Thingy

Coffee Sleeve

I recently picked up a hot drink at a coffee shop in our area and they have taken the coffee cup sleeve that protects your hand from getting burned and made it into the whole cup!  Brilliant!! When I saw it, I laughed because it reminded me of the Jerry Seinfeld observation, “What’s the deal with a plane’s “black box?” If the black box is the only thing that survives a crash, why not build the whole plane out of black box?”  Epic.

Coffee Couple


Chag Sameach!

This is a drawing I did for a couple who enjoys their coffee and have a moment or two with one another. I even misspelled their names just like a real Barista!

Coffee Studio

Support Local

Over the past couple of years I have drawn some local coffee shops/ coffee houses.  5 of them have closed …I don’t know, maybe my portrayal of their establishment had something to do with it…One is now a day spa, the other is some fing-shcwee sushi place, one became a Papa Murphys Pizza joint, and another one is now a Wing Stop. Coffee Studio is one of my favorite places.  Great atmosphere, clean, great service, but most importantly they know how to make my drink and they don’t roll their eyes when I ask for special stuff. So, just to be safe, I’m NOT going to draw the shop, just a cup, I want them to stay around for awhile.  “Am I superstitious?  No, I don’t think so, but I may be a little stitious.”



This is a picture I’ve already posted, but with summer kicking off this weekend, it’s time to shift to drinks to cool you down. Try your favorite drink iced!  Enjoy!