The most precious gift we have, is time.  Value it, cherish it, with family and friends.  Make it a priority to take time to enjoy it.  No talk about work, turn the TV off, put the cell phone away, far away and have real face to face talk and make someone feel blessed and happy.  Enjoy!!


Zeppole’s Bakery


I’ve noticed that a majority of my posts have to do with food. It’s not that I’m a food critic by any stretch or a guy who looks like he really “enjoys” his food, but so many of the best moments have to do with being with my wife or friends someplace having a great time and enjoying some really good food, sharing life together. I think that’s my favorite thing. Zeppole’s Bakery in Boise has made many of those moments “sweet”, usually with a really good espresso in a cool shop. By cool, I mean warm. One time, on a Friday morning, someone downtown forgot to include a loaf of Challah bread I had ordered to a store near where we lived, about 20 miles west of the downtown bakery. Around noon, I called and they sent someone all the way there with my bread! Nothing beats my wife’s Challah bread, but I thought that was pretty cool of Zeppole’s to make a special trip. This is a drawing of the 8th street bakery.



On the west side of Meridian,ID (not Iowa, not Indiana, but IDAHO) at Ten Mile Rd and McMillian is Mercato Coffee House, an independent neighborhood coffee house. The people here are great, friendly and want you to enjoy your coffee here in front of the fireplace. Expect to come and visit a little, you aren’t going to be rushed thru and out the door, “next!” Their signature drink is the Mercato Mocha, white chocolate mocha with caramel drizzle and fresh whip cream and more caramel drizzle…or, they’ll make it however you like your drink. The pastries are made locally from Zeppole’s Bakery, and the challah sandwich bread is amazing! Oh, and the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, too. Just go, enjoy coffee and friends.