Just down from the Capitol building in Boise is this unique corner on Capitol & Idaho.  This corner used to be a Starbucks, then became a Tully’s Coffee, then became Caffe’ Capri Coffee and now is a Sushi joint.  I have a history of drawing cool local sites, only to see them go out of business or become something else more “hip”.  This is one of those.


21 thoughts on “Boise

  1. Oh, dear! Maybe the Boise-ans don’t like coffee, ‘cos I woulda thought the Italians would’ve been there for quite a while…maybe their coffee wasn’t too good! Lovely drawing, Brad…the place has a friendly feel to it.

  2. So charming!! (Do you ever wonder if there’s less a coincidence and more a correlation? Between your drawing/their closure? Ha.) I am the least superstitious UNTIL it comes to one of my teams in a playoff. I barely saw any of the White Sox-taking-the-pennant games. …

  3. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool! I think this is my 6th favorite of yours. Great painting, and then I really look and see the black iron table and chairs, the rectangular area where water drains. Excellent.

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