Coffee People


You may have noticed I don’t do a lot of sketches of people.  The reason is they’re hard.  We don’t like hard, we like our comfort zone… This tells me I need to practice what I don’t like to get the most out of myself.  I keep a sketch pad with me that I practice with and I put no pressure on myself, just practice.  Let me tell you, there are some goooofy lookin’ people in that pad I have done wrong…  If I really don’t like it, I wad it up and practice my wastepaper basketball skills.  Win-win.  This guy came in from out of the pouring rain and sat down right in front of me and never moved! Perfect!  He just sipped his coffee and played on his IBM think pad that looked like it had some stories of its own.


27 thoughts on “Coffee People

  1. That is a really cool illustration Brad. The detail in his clothes, his beard, the stitching in his toque. Excellent .

  2. Yes Brad to people, I have been forcing myself to sketch them, and it does get better, I think the problem is that I know what they should look like and landscapes have a lot more range of accuracy. Thanks for this one I love it.

  3. I was happy to share this on my twitter stream. Working outside our comfort zone can create some really bad goofs while practicing the art. Thanks for posting your sketch story.

  4. Brad, Have you been looking into my brain? That post could have been by me … it’s uncomfortable to leave the CF, but if you don’t, your skill set may reduce to an absolute minimum and possibly one day even fade away … afraid yet?!

  5. This is really well done, and I love the feel of the piece. I step out of comfort zone once in awhile, but when it comes to sketching people I have taken a step back. I started making people that are more odd, alien. I will once again go back to more realistic later, after some of the alien has worn its way through my system.

  6. Do you think he “felt” your eyes on him? When sketching people in situ, sometimes my subject will turn or move away and I wonder if he feels me analyzing him! I’m always careful to be a safe distance away because it makes me feel a little guilty to be invading his space. But, I still do it! I guess part of the fun is not getting discovered. And, yes, people are SUPER tough.

    • I think you might be on to something! Obviously we don’t want to stare, but quick glances in between long drawing. Trust me, I’ve waded up many papers and worked on my paper wad tossing skills. ha!

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