This is how you do creative.  I came across the creative woman Jill Weber a couple months ago and I was so inspired by Jill’s creativity and passion for gardening and obviously life.  It made me want to do several things:  1. Watch it again.  2. Go draw something. 3. Thumb thru our seed catalog and plan our garden. 4. Thank God again for so many things that really make life rich.

We make life so very complicated yet producing shallow results.  I think my life’s motto has become:  “Nothing has changed, God is still longing for someone to just walk with Him  in a garden.”  Enjoy.  I especially liked the little wheel of seed growth!

13 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Spring | mini ART tour

  2. As Cathe mentioned above, Jill is a teacher at SBS for the Kourse Expressing, which we both highly recommend! Jill tells you a lot about her life in the videos of the kourse.

  3. I just finished “Expressing” at Sketchbook Skool and Jill is a really wonderful teacher. She shares some fun book making ideas. Of all the series of classes I have taken at SBS this one was my favorite. Lots of wonderful techniques are covered.

  4. I truly admire such wonderful creativity…you’re right, it makes me want to garden! And to watch the video again. Thanks for finding this, Brad. 🙂

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