My Art Stuff

Art Stuff

I’m a big boy now.  After a couple of years of using watercolors, I am ready to put together my own “pallet”.  So I ordered an empty watercolor tin, a Kremer off Amazon and started putting my colors together.  But here’s what I use and I like to keep things real simple.


28 thoughts on “My Art Stuff

  1. Fun and informative!
    I love your blending with the water pens, very complementary.

  2. I’m just starting to draw with pens. Right now I’m using Sakura Micron and Sharpie Pens (for practice), but I’ve been wondering about the quality of Uni Ball or Uni Pin pens because of the price-point and because I’m still learning. What do you suggest?

      • Thanks for the tip.
        I might own a million pens by the time I figure that out. I’ve realized that I apply a lot of pressure when I use a pen/pencil which doesn’t work well with all nibs. So I either have to learn to lighten my grip or find pens and other tools that can handle my heavy – and sometimes unsteady – hand.

  3. I like to keep things simple too, not that i don’t like to try another techniques, but i found pencils are my language, so what can i do?
    I loved your illustration!!

  4. Brad, I used to think the “ring thing” was for hanging the tray up for drying. But now I know it’s to put your thumb through, so that the tray “sticks”to the top of your hand. Greetings from Germany … you forgot Volkswagen, Bayer, BASF, Faber-Castell …

  5. That’s a great way to carry your colors. I’ve been thinking what I would use for a traveling palette. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is cool. Those water fountain brushes are the best. I also liked your song on your Iphone and a coffee, yes, a must. 👍

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