Some Dude

Some Dude

I’ve been practicing drawing quick sketches of people and what I’ve learned is the key to drawing people is to never ever make that first initial awkward eye contact.  Never.  Because every eye contact after that gets awkwarder and awkwarder.  That’s why I prefer drawing inhumane things.  Wait, that’s wrong, un-human things.


22 thoughts on “Some Dude

  1. LOL, yeah it’s always weird when I accidentally make eye contact with someone i’m drawing unbeknownst to them. Most times I try to draw people who aren’t looking in my direction, but that sucks sometimes because I want to see their faces at a different angle instead of profile view. I’ve had some success when wearing my sunglasses outside. Indoors not so much. I try not to look too much at the subject, stealing a few glances to get the basic pose down, stuff I learned from doing those countless timed gesture drawings at a minute each in class. Makes you work fast and get the basic elements down, and damn it if people aren’t so fidgety lol.

  2. Ha ha… stalker!! I still haven’t got the timing right, – quickly glancing at my coffee cup as if I am drawing that… people just get squirmy when you stare at them!! Oh well… great catch!

      • Brad, When I see people staring at me with their cellphones at the ready, I just start posing! Primping my hair, doing the pucker-up lips thing, checking my lipstick, and so on. They never ‘get’ it and just look weirdly at me! LOL. But, as an experienced people photographer, I just snap away, regardless! It’s very quick. Drawing, I would think, is a lot harder…takes too much time.
        Great one, Brad.

  3. I love this sketch! And I totally know what you mean about eye contact. Not attracting attention is also key for me. I’ve found that sketching in a notebook or on my tablet makes people curious, and makes me self-conscious if they catch me glancing their way. And nothing freezes me up in fits of self-doubt like having people crowd around my shoulders to watch when I’m trying to draw. Being able to sketch on my phone has been a great way to go unnoticed – one more person fiddling with their phone is utterly unremarkable, and that ability to sketch unnoticed is very freeing – I highly recommend it.

    That said, I really really love this sketch and I’ve been exploring traditional media more. Do you have any suggestions for deflecting attention when you’re out sketching, aside from avoiding eye-contact? I’d love to try urban sketching with traditional media, but I find the idea a little intimidating. Any suggestions?

    • Ha! That’s a really good idea with the phone! I just started sketching people in public, to do that very thing…get out of my comfort zone. Being self conscious is totally normal, but most people are truly interested in watching you sketch. In your mind, you’re thinking, “Oh I’m going to screw up and mess this up…” They’re thinking, “Wow, she’s really good at this…” Always have fun with your sketch, (that’s why we do it, right?) Embrace that which forces you out of your comfort zone and be confident in yourself. You have a gift that others get to enjoy and appreciate. Just be you. There are people out there believe it or not, that you are their favorite artist, so just go with it humbly. I’m learning how to sketch real people in public as I go so I don’t know anything and I have wadded up many many sheets of paper and started over. Ha! Hey, thanks for sharing your idea, I’ll have to try that! Keep pushing yourself!

      • You know, that’s a really good way of thinking about it! I’m always thinking people are looking at my work and thinking, “my 7 year old could do that…” But you’re really right – it’s good to push ourselves out of what’s comfortable. And embracing conspicuous public art-making is a really great statement of self-confidence. That’s exactly why I have a hard time with it. But maybe that’s exactly why I need to do it! Thanks for that thought. I’ll think on that. 🙂

  4. Awesome job Brad! I imagine it is awkward, but how cool that you are able to do this and come up with such amazing art! I truly admire it! Love Brad Young’s Art! 🙂

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