Feast Week

Chuck Taylors

As we were out doing some shopping, I came across a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.  I own two pair.  But then I realized as a huge college basketball fan, I really didn’t know who Chuck Taylor was!  I’ve owned a pair pretty much all my life, but I remember my first pair back in Jr. High, because my Mom shouted, “I am NOT paying $20 for a pair of basketball shoes!!!”  The ones I saw the other day were $55…


17 thoughts on “Feast Week

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  3. I’m impressed with your drawing. My husband always talks about his Chuck Taylor converse sneakers that he wore growing up. The last pair he got were $6.25 and his father complained.

  4. I bet these days he’d have a contract for future royalties. I guess, in those days, he didn’t have good player management…I played basketball in high school, but didn’t wear any special shoes. I was a defence goal, very good too! 🙂
    oH, ps: just love the detail in your imagery.

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