The most precious gift we have, is time.  Value it, cherish it, with family and friends.  Make it a priority to take time to enjoy it.  No talk about work, turn the TV off, put the cell phone away, far away and have real face to face talk and make someone feel blessed and happy.  Enjoy!!


27 thoughts on “Rest

  1. That’s wonderful advice. we live in an era where work and society in general demand a lot of our time. it’s nice to know their are people with values are out there. anyway, love your drawings 🙂 keep up the great work

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    • Hi Chika, thank you! It varies as far as time, mostly on how long it takes the watercolors to dry, but I take my time, usually a couple hours total. And I keep some, give some away, and sell some. Thanks!

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  7. Hi Brad. I’d like to say this is a favorite drawing but so many of your drawings have become favorites. 😊 I love this draw. It’s timing is personal to me because this Monday is Canada’s Thanksgiving and yesterday my spouse and I celebrated my parents 65th wedding anniversary. My folks in their late 80s and my sisters and I are aware of time and how precious it has become when visiting our parents.

    I really love this drawing. OK it’s my favorites of my favorites. Cheers. 😊

    • Thank you, that’s amazing! What a great testimony of your parents! I know they have brought much strength to their children and their children’s children! Blessings.

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