R.I.P. 2015 Seattle Mariners


Today is the last game of the season for my Seattle Mariners.  A summary of this season was like finding out the homecoming queen wanted you to ask her to the prom but you ended up taking your cousin Thelma instead…who insisted her best friend Leslie come also…who talked awkwardly loud through her nose…who got car sick on the way…but didn’t tell you till it was too late…but in the end, like today, you’re glad it’s over.  These are our seats for one of the games we were able to go to this year, in section 235, GREAT seats!  We ate like kings– Garlic Fries, BBQ Nachos, the Mt. Dew flowed like water…got all kinds of free stuff like a bobble head, sunglasses, T-shirts, a head band (yes the kind that keep sweat from running in your eyes, popular in the ’70s)–my wife got a free sun hat and we had a blast at the game!  Only 4 1/2 months until Spring Training!

20 thoughts on “R.I.P. 2015 Seattle Mariners

  1. Great drawing!! Love the saying on the Jumbotron!! HA. Sorry about your Mariners…but as the saying goes…there’s always next year! 😉

  2. Not sure if we ‘do’ baseball over here, but I did play a game called Softball (baseball with a large, soft ball…) during primary school and was very good at it; in fact all hitting a ball-type sports were my thing, along with running. I can imagine the excitement of the stadium with all those people and hearing that ball being hit to the rafters and someone making a home run. Good luck next year. Excellent doodle, Brad!

  3. Being a Canadian I can say I’ve been to 2 Seattle Mariners’ games. They were a blast. My husband and I had a great time. I believe our only baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays are still in it. Unfortunately we only have one baseball team. Hockey is King up here. Your drawing is really cool. I love the detail with the little people in the stands.

  4. this is amazing. I was just reading the comments above and was surprised that it’s in a small journal. It has the look of a very large painting. I get the feeling of being right there in the stadium with you and all of the other people. I would have been overwhelmed by this and not known where to even start.

  5. Brad – I love this piece! Sorry about your Mariners, but 4 1/2 months will fly by! 🙂 How large is this and how long did it take you to do? Seems like a lot of work – and I LOVE IT! All the people in the stands! Love the messages. SUPER!

    • Thank you Jodi, it’s actually small, in my sketch journal 5.5″x8.5″ and I really didn’t spend much time on it, a couple hours total- I do spend way too much time trying to be funny than sketching…

      • Wow! First of all that it is that small – and then that you spend a couple hours on it. I have not yet spent a couple hours on any painting or drawing. Might be my problem – haha! too impatient!

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