L’shannah Tovah!
And to all of you, I hope this year is filled with joy and blessings!


25 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. This is great, I love the addition of the little six legged renters 😂 and the blending is beautiful.

  2. Sunflower | mlongmirewordpresscom

  3. I really like the Sunflower. I really like the real thing too. Your illustration is gorgeous with the orange and yellow in the petals, the different greens in the leaves and stem. Is it a lady bug climbing on the stem? 😊 I wouldn’t say I suffer from seasonal whatever it’s called (when the grey and dark of winter get you down) but when winter gets me down, this would be a great card to have at my desk. Have you thought of art cards? I’d buy a few even with Canada’s dollar now being what it is.

    • Ha, I believe the US dollar isn’t worth much either, and falling…Yes, I have, my problem has always been finding a good printing place that can bring out the accuracy of the colors. I’ve got a lead on one but haven’t tried them yet, but I am on the notecard/ small pic idea! Thanks!

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