Frequent Flyers

Frequent Flyers

As I’m learning more about fly fishing and stuff, I didn’t know the flies had names.  Nobody wants to eat Sumpin’ Ugly, but if you’re a trout, these are good groceries!


15 thoughts on “Frequent Flyers

    • I put my drawing/sketchbook on a copier-scanner, scan it, then edit it usually just crop the borders then save it. When I do a blog post, I upload the pic to my post. Hope that helps. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Thanks Jan, no they are made to look like the flying “insects” that hatch along a section of a river where fish would come to feast. Sounds and looks complicated! Ha!

  1. A Kinky Zonker? Really?! LOL!!! Are these the REEL names or made-up ones? Hmmm, I may have to make up a few of my own names… Thanks for making me laugh today! 😊

  2. Klinkhammer is my favorite. Your drawings of these flies are cute but no way would I ever touch these. I’m glad I’m not a trout. 😊

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