One of the items on my “bucket list” is to tie a fly and catch a trout with it.  As my life is changing and the fact we live in one of the best places for fly fishing here in the great northwest, I’m really getting the itch to get in a river!  As you can see, I’ve got trout on my mind.

14 thoughts on “Trout

  1. I like the Trout. It’s colours look cool. I hope when you go fly fishing you illustrate the experience. Cheers.

  2. You “caught” this fish really well here! I have fond memories of catching trout in the streams of North Idaho as a child. It was simple fishing with a worm. But I will always remember the thrill of the catch and then eating it for dinner. Good Luck with your fly fishing! If I recall there is an artist in Spokane that paints fishing flies and does very well at it. Possibly your next project? 😊

  3. Brad, I can’t believe this! This is what I am planning to paint for my husband for Father’s Day – we live at a fish hatchery in Northern California, and I plan to paint a Rainbow Trout! Your trout is wonderful and I hope you make it into the river! 🙂

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