Goosefoot Family


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Moms love family photos so here is the Goosefoot Family with Spinach, Beets and Swiss Chard.  Make Mama happy today and eat your veggies.

24 thoughts on “Goosefoot Family

  1. Your illustrations are so cool. Love the colours in this one. Used to hate beets as a kid, but now, give me a beet and goat cheese salad any day. Crystal City, Texas has a statue of Popeye, hey? They have a sense of humor. 😊

  2. Your drawing is brilliant. I did not know about beets being linked to love. They are my most despised food. I am renowned for my passionate loathing of them. I would eat almost anything before eating beets – definitely any other food.

    • I was the same way until we grew our own. Then having them fresh right from the garden was a completely different experience. As most veggies are when they’re super fresh!

  3. Wow, very interesting info and great sketches of the greens. I never knew beets were known as the food of love. I always learn something new here. Thanks Brad.

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