Eagle City Hall

Eagle City Hall

This is Eagle City Hall in Eagle, Idaho.  You can tell this by the big gold letters on the building.  So I studied and drew this building and found out after I was finished that this is actually the back door of city hall and there is a whole ‘nother front side to it…No wonder nobody ever went in or came out of this place while I was drawing it.  They all used the front door…weird.

21 thoughts on “Eagle City Hall

  1. Dear Brad, I don’t know what it is about your artwork, but even when it tells a simple story, it provokes great interest.
    You’re great. Keep it up 🙂

    • Thank you very much, that’s my vision! (short, simple and hopefully somewhat interesting)… Doodling comes natural, but writing is harder than I thought! So your words are very encouraging! Thank you!

  2. Well the back of Eagle City Hall has been illustrated very nicely. I look at this illustration and I can see it in a book. I expect to see Charlie Brown or Snoopy in the next picture. You really have a cool clean style. To me your work is the calibre of Charles (?) Schultz, the trees, the street lamp. I hope I’m making sense. My coffee hasn’t hit the blood stream yet.

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