I love it when the wise and educated will inform us that eating fresh veggies will reduce the risk of cancer…duh!!  That’s because everything else we eat that is filled with chemicals and man-made synthetics increases the risk of cancer!  (Especially in the U.S.)  We finally have some carrots coming up and we got these fun, colorful ones.  Can’t wait to harvest them.  Cool weather root vegetables are packed with the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies are needing and craving after a long winter without them.  Just in case you were wondering.

33 thoughts on “Carrots

    • Also looking forward to them because we haven’t had much success with carrots for a couple years, ?? but this season they’re growing like crazy! Funny how some crops do better one year then seem “weak” the next…

  1. This is really cool. I like the colours and the fact that the carrots are in a pinwheel formation. As a previous personal trainer, I cringe when I hear the word “fortified.”

  2. Oh! I love this…the drawing and the commentary. My daughter is a 30 yr old city girl who has become an urban sustainable agriculture designer. She would love this!

    Mary Warren

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