Day Hike

Day Hike

The lost art of common sense comes in handy when going out on a day hike, of course you don’t really need all this, because the more you carry, the heavier it gets and you want to actually enjoy your walk and not having to feel like you’re in boot camp.  If you’re just taking a stroll along a path around a  lake at a State Park, water and a camera may be fine .  The greater the adventure, the more you might want to consider. You’ll know what is important to you.  All I know is, Spring is coming and Outdoors is calling!


25 thoughts on “Day Hike

  1. This is really cool. The more you look at the picture the more you find, like the lip balm and tiny feet. Really cool Brad. PS I agree about the lost art of common sense. Cheers.

  2. I can’t wait to get out for family wanders again too. We’ve done too much hibernating this bitter winter. Your illustrated check list is wonderful. I really enjoyed studying all the details and it made me realize that I need to add something for stings or skin irritation to my first aid kit so your drawing is informative as well as visually pleasing.

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