I watched a show on PBS about tea.  It was fascinating and now I’m interested in tea…I used actual tea to color the tea in the cup.


33 thoughts on “Chaiku

    • Thank you, yes I was trying to match the color w/ my watercolors, but thought why not just use the actual tea? Keep it simple, huh?

  1. Haha, a chaiku! That is priceless! And I love the phrase..” being confronted with peace”. Sometimes life is indeed so busy, that sitting quiet with a good cuppa, feels almost unsettling. Thanks for a great post and a gorgeous drawing! Cheers, Johanna

  2. 17 blogs that enriched my Sunday morning. | my creative resolution

  3. Cool. I loved that you used actual tea. I drink tea occasionally, Chaiku, what type of flavor does it have? Is it a cinnamon type flavor? Very cool. ☺

      • I’m hoping I haven’t put my foot in my mouth. I havent heard the word Chaiku before so I thought it might be a flavor of tea. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. Now, I know a Haiku is a type of poem.

      • Haha, yes, you’re good, it’s my attempt at tea humor, Chai is more of a flavor for the many types of teas, like adding spices to your tea. Thus the pun, Chai-ku… appreciate your innocent honesty!

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