Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery

This is the perfect time to head to the vineyard! The grapes are ripening, the leaves are starting to turn and the days are sunny and warm (not hot) and cool evenings. Sawtooth Winery is one of many vineyards we have here in SW Idaho with an incredible view of the Snake River and Owyhee Mountain Range. And of course the acres and acres of vines all in rows ready to be harvested.  I drew this while visiting on an incredible day last week right on the vines! Here’s a pic from the balcony of the wine tasting area.SawtoothWinery2


7 thoughts on “Sawtooth Winery

  1. What a wonderful, lively painting, and breathtaking view. I agree, the painting makes a great bottle label. Thanks for sharing this outing-so nice that I can enjoy it on a gray morning from my desk in providence, RI! Invigorating!

    • Thank you so much, Margaret, I appreciate the comments and critiques as always! And, I’ve often found a good coffee is even better on a gray morning…ha!

  2. Sawtooth Winery | 6atv

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