This is an older drawing from last year, and while I am not anti-Starbucks, I will stop there– it’s just not my first choice. Living in the Northwest, Starbucks is   EV-RY-WHERE, in the supermarket and in the parking lot of the supermarket where it’s already IN the supermarket.  But there are other places if I want good coffee and I prefer the local independent shops. They just seem to be able to give more care to their product quality. And the atmosphere is usually much more inviting.


12 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. I’ll give this for Starbucks, when you’re overseas in a new place or have just landed, consistency counts. Back home, just like you, I get picky.

  2. thanks for stopping by and your comments about watercolor pencils…I like them too…I don’t have a large selection of colors, wanted to try them before going for the big time 😀

    • Yeah exactly. I have just a few, then add one or two as needed. Couple greens, browns and yellows is all I have. Good work!

  3. Ah, Starbucks… they were where I first discovered that coffee could be delicious and have good graphics (yes, long ago when they were new and cared…) and where all the up-and-coming local shops learned that they could charge a gazillion dollars for even better coffee. I pay happily for local expertise!
    Nice drawing – it does bring back good memories!

  4. Very nice and very fun drawing, and yeah, same sentiments about Starbucks. I’ve best described their coffee as burnt mud, but when I need a really good cup of coffee, the nearest Asian deli or Dunkin Donuts works just fine (and cost half as much….)

    • I have heard that Dunkin Donuts is good coffee, but we don’t see many out here in the Northwest. I’ll check it out next month when I’m “back east”. Our donut place is Krispy Kreme…

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