Caffe’ Capri 2


I sketched this very cool coffee shop in downtown Boise called Caffe’ Capri awhile back and someone saw it and asked me to do one just for them.  So this is that one, and I added more detail and landscape and on a larger piece of paper than I normally use.  I really enjoy drawing pics for people that are meaningful to them like houses and special places.  It make this hobby a pleasure.


13 thoughts on “Caffe’ Capri 2

  1. One of my favorites yet; there’s so much to look at and enjoy, and as somebody whom has been drawing a lot of houses and buildings lately, I’m really into the detailing atop the yellow building, which obviously required a very steady, patient, and practiced hand.

  2. The first thing I noticed about the image is all the extra detail it had. It looks good. Did you enjoy working on a large piece of paper? Are you planning to do more large drawings?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! For me, it was different to work on 12×18 paper, but I’m getting used to it, because I can add all the fun, quirky details. I’ll definitely do a lot more for that reason. Thank you!

      • Thank you! See Cafe’ Ole’ and Downton Abbey. Those are my attempts so far. I like it, getting used to it. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. I quite love all of your drawings! The details in this one are fantastic. It is charming and whimsical, but I also feel as if I could step right into the scene. Lovely work!

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