Caffe’ Capri

Caffe Capri

This is Caffe’ Capri in downtown Boise. It’s just a block down from the  State Capital  and in a very unique, old building. We love finding shops, restaurants and such in restored old places that have a lot of character. The cookie-cutter-franchise- stores are as blah as it gets. You could walk into these places and be anywhere in the world and it’s exactly like the last one you were in back home. Very unimaginative. But I also understand it’s about money. Thank you to all the shops that dare to make interesting locations work for them. We’ll keep coming!


5 thoughts on “Caffe’ Capri

    • So true! There is comfort there. Thank you so much for stopping by. I want a journal like you make to draw in. Very cool. Unique.

      • That wouldn’t be too hard to make- I’ve even used sample pots of house paint on pages. Just keep them apart until the paint dries, and do it bit by bit. I’ll look out for it on your blog!

  1. Thanks Jason, that’s funny because I have a really hard time drawing people! I’ll use a full pencil and eraser just for one sketch! My mind’s eye is never satisfied unless it’s in a “cartoonish” form. (Then I can hide the flaws) That means I need to practice drawing people more. I don’t know how you do it and so quickly.

  2. I love the detailing in your sketches. Drawing buildings and street scrapes is one of my artistic achilles heel, so it’s nice to see somebody who can pull off sketch work like this and make it look good.

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